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Latest Flooring Articles

    • FF-Bamboo
    • Flooring Fundamentals: Bamboo 101
    • Over the past few years, bamboo has quickly become the popular flooring choice of many! Bamboo flooring offers the durable yet stylish benefits found with traditional wood flooring, while boasting a unique look and bringing a number of distinct advantages to the table as well.
    • Clean Wood Floors
    • Best Ways to Clean Wood Floors
    • There are two main ways to clean your wood floors and the method you choose depends on the way the floor was sealed. The different finish types are surface sealed, penetrating-seal-treated, oil-treated, lacquered, varnished, shellacked and untreated.
    • Child Polishing Wood Floor
    • How to Polish Wood Floors
    • The best way to take care of your wood floors is to clean them on a weekly basis and give them a good polish every 2-4 months. The benefit of using wood polish is it will fill scratches caused by everyday living and over cleaning.
  • muddy
  • How to Protect Hardwood Floors from Dogs

    When choosing new flooring for a home, many homeowners are a bit conflicted. They love their dog, but they also love their hardwood flooring – and the two aren’t always such a great mix.

  • steam_cleaner
  • Steam Cleaners, Steam Mops and Swiffer Cleaners

    We have all seen the commercials on TV showing Steam Cleaners or Steam Mops being used on Hardwood, Laminate, and Vinyl floors. Consumers have bought into these TV ads and are only setting themselves up for a major disappointment should their flooring fail or they have a maintenance issue.